Gaucho Balboa – I Am Death “Unorthodox style of wordplay” (3 Stars)


Gaucho Balboa’s mixtape transported me to 98′ with an immediate since of nostalgia. I couldn’t help but to think about aggressive lyricist with an unorthodox style of wordplay (RZA, Sunz of Man, etc.). I was pleased to hear hip-hop heavy weight Chino XL on a feature. You can clearly tell this MC uses his tracks as a therapy device to vent frustrations and pay homage to his favorite era of Hip-Hop. The only issue I feel most would have with this project is that they wouldn’t fully understand or appreciate this dedication of penmanship. It’s that same beast that forced this style of spitting into near extinction. I can only hope Gaucho can slightly ease up on his aggressive style long enough to at least formulate a decent hook people can swallow. I’m not suggesting the MC sell out or go commercial. However if he plans to sell his music to a wider audience he will need to make it easier to understand and digest. I worry listeners may confuse the lines of murda’ bars with traumatic poetry over a beat. Lastly I feel the pen game is strong with this MC, but he needs to further hone his skills and offer more versatility. -@FlashFury1

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