Snow Tha Product – The Rest Comes Later “Banging from the jump” (4 stars)


**Caution** before you bump this tape TURN YOUR BASS DOWN!! This project was banging from the jump. Snow tha Product is far from a stranger in terms of penmanship. This female MC has a semi-automatic rapid fire delivery that can clash with any titan male or female. This tape is further proof she’s a beast. The theme of this project indicates that this is just the tip of the iceberg and I believe her. What I can appreciate most about this tape is she switches off rapping in English and Spanish often. The production was well selected and the feature with TY Dolla $ign was dope. The only thing I can site as a issue with this tape is that it actually goes too hard. There are no slow tempo personal tracks regarding past issues or artist back story. I can only imagine what Snow has gone through. All things considered this tape was still a certified banger! #StashIt -@Flashfury1

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