Latrell James – Twelve “Amazing Ardent Lyricist” 4 stars

We here at hear a lot of mixtapes, A LOT! However I will easily admit the bars on this tape were way above average. You can’t help but notice this MC is an amazing ardent lyricist as he states “I’m setting the bar so high Shaq could limbo it standing”. There’s only a hand full of tapes out now that make you think, and this is definitely one of them. The artist said his goal was to make sure “this piece will inspire people and help them through whatever struggles they are experiencing.” With lyrics covering break ups, hood mentality, and black culture as a whole, I think Latrell hit his mark. The production was nothing short of moving and well done. Unfortunately there seemed to be slight technical issues with the streaming of this mixtape from AudioMack. Even though it effected a couple of the tracks I still would suggest this project to any real hip-hop fan. #StashIt -@Flashfury1

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