Angry Fans Destroy Club After Boosie No-Show. (Via

Lil Boosie was scheduled to perform at Whiskey River nightclub on Pio Nono Avenue but he didn’t show, according to a release from the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office.The tickets were sold by MBP Promotions, a Tennessee company, up until the time of the performance, according to the release. When patrons were told Lil Boosie was not going to perform, they demanded their money back and were denied, the release stated. At that point, people became upset and started throwing items and turning over tables. A photo of the scene posted on Face­book showed a large area with chairs turned over and trash scattered about. The poster said the line to get in for the concert “was a mile long.” Paramedics treated and released three people at the scene who suffered minor injuries. In a video posted on Facebook, Lil Boosie blamed his parole officer.

“My PO just tripped out on me, saying I can’t do clubs, and saying Whiskey River is a known club,” he said in the video made as he was riding in a vehicle. “So I’m going to need all my fans to reach out to the Louisiana Parole Board and charge ‘em, charge the parole board to let me travel to do my clubs because that’s how I feed my family. … I’m sorry I can’t make it to Macon. We are going to redo this in Macon somewhere else.”

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