Ciara Responds to Future’s Recent Comments With Subliminal Shots. (Via @HNHH)

According to HNHH Ciara caught wind of Future’s comments in a recent documentary “Like I never Left” in which he stated:
“When she was pregnant and she started working on [Jackie]… me and Mike WiLL, we finished the album before the album she just dropped– and she ain’t want us to be a part of it. I’m like, damn, we just came off a #1 and you go straight to Dr. Luke? And start working with him and go right back to the pop lane after you get a little steam. You shouldn’t do that you should finish what we started, go back into that “Body Party” lane and give the fans what they wanted, that’s what they want from you. And let it cross over to pop, instead of tryna chase that crowd,” Future said of Ciara’s music endeavors. He went on to speak about their personal relationship, claiming that Ciara was trying to rush into the wedding and make it a big affair, when he wasn’t comfortable with that.

The R&B songstress replied via twitter with the following tweets:

“Some Person Is So Dishonest and Ignorant That They Don’t Deserve A Response.” She added, “Furthermore, One’s Main Focus Should Be On Being A Good Parent.”

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