DeMari Faust – Tattoo Money “Went Hard” 4 stars

Being familiar with the Columbus, OH music scene I had actually heard of DeMari Faust before so I was happy to review his latest project. The tatted MC dedicated the theme of this tape to his stress reliever and release, his ink. The opening track (Tattoo Money) helped listeners understand his tattoo’s and piercings are lifestyle and coping mechanism. The production was nicely selected and the flow was on point. I feel like a couple of the tracks seemed repetitive, while other tracks I had to put on repeat (Switch It Up, Against Me). I must say I enjoyed the lyricism but wished Demari would have expressed more experimental versatility. None the less this project went hard. This mixtape offers quality bars with nice hooks. Over all I suggest you add this to the vault. Faust seems like the type of artist that’s evolving and this may be a prequel to a bright future. #StashIt -@Flashfury1

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