Young Jeezy – Politically Correct “Bout Damn Time” 5 Stars

cover (1)

Young Jeezy is the definition of a mixtape legend. He’s worked the music hustle from the bottom up for over 10 years and continues to maintain respect. I must say, I was not only surprised but over joyed to see him drop a political project, solely dedicated to the mindset of the very culture he represents, ‘THE HOOD’. Generally, we don’t hear consistent, conscious music from trap rappers and therefore, we miss the full opinion of the hustlers effected by societal events like racism and police brutality. Jeezy took time out to address those situations and all we can say is, “It’s about damn time”! From track one, Mr. 17-5 declares “I ain’t tryn’a promote no violence / Til we fixed this sh*t just know a nigga won’t be silenced.” I applaud him for standing up for those in the streets that don’t know how to voice their opinion. Over all, the tape was short and ended abruptly, however, the reach of the message was totally accurate and everyone could relate to it from the ‘burbs to the trap. #StashIt -@Flashfury

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