Fan Challenges T.I. To A “Anti-Gravity” Hat Competition And The Response Is Epic.

Atlanta rapper Clifford “T.I.P” Harris is known for a lot of things. His large vocabulary, his charismatic presence, being the self proclaimed “King of the South” within the rap realm, and repeated run in’s with the law, just to name a few. Most fans also know that T.I. has a very distinctive way of wearing his hats in which they seem to hang off his head. One fan took to Twitter recently in an attempt to challenge T.I. to a “Anti-Gravity” hat competition, leaving a 24 hour deadline. T.I. not only accepted the challenge, but he also jokingly mocked the fan referring to him as a “mere peasant”. You gotta see this… Peep:

It seems as if the challenger may have one this round but the “King” shall  continue his reign!

Article By: Daniel "Flash" Carter  // Photo Cred:,

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