Vee Tha Rula – From The Jump Mixtape Review “Dope As Expected” 5/5 Stars


A little less than a year’s time has passed since we reviewed Vee Tha Rula’s last project “Rula 2”. We gave the previous tape 5 stars as it was deserved. We’re happy to say Vee has done it again as this project was dope as expected. With 10 tracks (one skit) of fire Vee tackles subjects ranging from drug dealing, and survival, to never giving up, and closure. My favorite turn up song was “Out The Roof” but the highlight song I would suggest to new listeners is “Coldest Winter”. Some hooks came off a tad bit repetitive like on the track “Exotic”. However, even if the hooks got monotonous the verse kept it together. I can’t explain how much I enjoyed the production on the joint. The beats required on point bars and rhythmic delivery which was accurately accomplished. I think an MC like Rula would go good in the game right now based on his range a versatility. I urge readers to check this out. -@FlashFury1

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