Former Hotboys Rapper Turk Has Started A GoFundMe Page Due To Debts

New Orleans rapper Turk has launched a GoFundMe page due to debts ranging around 5 million dollars. The former “Hotboys” MC was incarcerated between the years of 2004-2012 which led to his financial woes. His donation description reads:

“After Being Away From Home For Almost A Decade Tab Find It Harder And Harder Everyday Trying To Maintain.Without Going In Details For Those Who Know Tab Know That He’s  A Very Good Husband And A Caring Father To His Son And Twins.Today I Come To You For Help Because Tab Is In A 5 Million Dollar Debt And Its Hard Trying To Pay It Off On Top Of Everything Else.He Will Appreciate Any Donation You Can Give To Him And His Family.”

We can appreciate a person attempting to rebuild their life after getting out. It takes a certain level of humbleness to ask for help. Click here to support the OG.

Article By: Daniel "Flash" Carter  //  Photo Credit:

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