Netflix Will Soon Debut Its Organized Noize Documentary “The Art Of Organized Noize”

If you remember hits like OutKast’s “So Fresh, and So Clean”, TLC’s “Waterfalls”, En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go”, Ludacris’s “Saturday” it seems as if you’d know the production trio that created the sound. Sadly enough most people are clueless to the creators of the “Dungeon Family”, and who some consider to be major pioneers at the forefront of the dirty south’s musical rise to power. I am talking about none other than “Organized Noize”. Netflix is releasing a Documentary titled “The Art Of Organized Noize” which will go over the rise and the fall of the three man group that includes Rico Wade, Ray Murray, and Sleepy Brown. The documentary is directed by Quincy Jones III (QD III) whose credits include “Whats Beef Series 1-6”,  Tupac’s “Thug Angel”,  and Lil Wayne’s “The Carter” Documentaries. Also the project will be produced by Queen Latifah. Netflix plans to release the doc March 22 and there will be appearances by Outkast, Future, Puff Daddy, Metro Boomin, 2 Chainz, Big Gipp, L.A. Reid, and many more. In the meantime here’s the trailer, peep:

Article By: Daniel "Flash" Carter  //  Photo Cred:,

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