Adrien Broner Takes Shots At Floyd Mayweather Via Social Media.

Recently boxer Adrien Broner took to Youtube to criticize retired boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. During Broner’s 4 minute video he references Mayweather’s previous domestic violence charges against his baby’s mother. Some believe this was caused by a recent interview that Floyd had with in which he said:

“I think fighters hurt themselves sometimes. Someone showed me the clip of Adrien Broner the other day. He was in Walmart and what was so crazy about the video when I looked at it, it kind of hurt my feelings. The person gave him his change back, I guess he had bought something and he threw the money or the change up in the air like, “Why are you giving me change back? You don’t know who I am?” Actually, a lot of people in the store didn’t know who he was. They was looking like, “Who are you?” And then, it’s so crazy, if you’re at such a high status and you reached a certain level, you’re supposed to have people going to Walmart for you. You go to places like Walmart to save money. Of course you got to realize this, he’s still young and he’s still learning, but before you know it, it’s going to be too late. I mean, I didn’t really understand it. At the end of the day, he’s hurting himself; he’s not helping himself. He has a lot to learn. He has a lot to learn.”

Floyd stated that after being asked about his reaction to a clip of  Adrien Bronder in Wal-Mart throwing his change in the air asking the cashier “Do you know who I am?”. Broner clearly took Mayweather’s interview to heart and decided to vent via social media, Peep:

AB Instagram

Article By: Daniel "Flash" Carter  //  Media Credit:,,

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