Adrien Broner Wanted For Assault & Armed Robbery In Cincinnati, Ohio

Recently we reported issues regarding Junior Welterweight world titleholder Adrien “AB” Broner falling out with his long time friend retired boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. It seems as if posting Youtube videos and Instagram memes isn’t the only thing that Broner has been up to. There’s been allegations that AB robbed and assaulted a man (Christopher Carson) back in January at a bowling alley after losing multiple bets. Reports say Christopher Carson won up to $14,000 off Adrien betting on bowling games. After Carson denied any further bets Broner became upset and left. Later that evening AB supposedly waited outside the building and punched Carson twice with gun in hand. Once Carson was unconscious he was then robbed of $12,000. According to ESPN, the police report filed in Ohio shows Broner is being  charged with felonious assault, aggravated robbery, and there is a warrant for the boxers arrest. Adrian has a major fight April 1st to defend his belt for the first time. We hope he makes it..

Article By: Daniel "Flash" Carter  //  Photo Credit:

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