Sexy Sells.. [Guest Editorial By Desirae Sowell]

      If a thick, beautiful, long wavy haired woman, with glossy lips, and a skintight red dress, enters the room everyone notices. Is it the fact that her ass is round and those 6 inch, red bottoms make sure it’s sitting just right? Could it possibly be the smell of her perfume and the illuminating smile she gives you as she walks by leaving you dazed? It’s almost as if every man is wishing she was his and every woman is wishing she was her.

      So, what is the seductress truly guilty of? She did what every Superbowl commercial does. She has accomplished the same formula every social media platform aims for…(drum roll please) GETTING YOUR ATTENTION! Sounds simple, right? However, it’s anything but. There’s a technique to getting someone’s attention and the #1 way to do it is… you guessed it, SEX! That’s what made Azealia Banks go topless for her most recent mixtape cover. That’s what made Lil Kim’s “Hardcore” album cover so hot. It was being brave enough to do something no female rap artist had done before in terms of exhibiting sexuality. Notice I said female rap artist. Pop artists like Madonna, Vanity, Cher, and more have been selling sex appeal for years. Some would even say that it goes back as far as Marilyn Monroe and further. In this day and age socialites like Kim Kardashian, Blac Chyna, and others have created lifestyles from it.

     Thus, after so many years of society pushing the sexual envelope, an “Outspoken” artist like Azealia Banks has to do something unlike any other in her genre to get your attention. But before the pot calls the kettle black, let me ask you? Have you ever used your looks/sex appeal to avoid a ticket? How about get in a club, steal someone’s man/ woman, or even get free drinks? Thought so… muah

Desirae Inspires

Article By: Desirae Sowell  //  Photo Credit:

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