Hamburger Helper “Watch The Stove” Mixtape Review 3/5 “Not Bad At All”

I was as shocked as you when I learned Hamburger Helper dropped a mixtape as an April Fools joke yesterday. I was more shocked to find the tape was actually decent. There’s a part of me that thinks this is a mockery of the current hip-hop culture. However, there’s also a part of me that also thinks the company is just having fun while laughing with us and not at us.

The only tracks worth mentioning were the first two of five “Feed The Streets” and “Hamburger Helper”. The last three tracks sounded poorly done and basic at best. “Crazy” sounded like a ILoveMakonnen knock off track mixed with spoken word. “Food For Your Soul” sounded like a sub par attempt at a hip-hop conscious song. The final track “She’s In Love With The Glove” was a mediocre attempt at a R&B joint. Over all the production was decent but added with the double-entendre’s and innuendo’s, it’s fire. I would suggest you take a listen for a good laugh. Lastly,  I wouldn’t mind hearing a couple of these on the radio, foreal’.

Article By: Daniel "Flash" Carter , Brendan McNeill //  Photo Credit:

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