Nipsey Hussle & YG Combine To Release Political Anthem “F*ck Donald Trump”

This recent election has harped on the emotions of Americans more than many others in the past. The progression of Republican front runner Donald Trump went from a mild joke to a slight phobia. Leading many citizens to flirt with the idea of fleeing the country to Canada if he wins. The Hip-Hop community has been more than vocal regarding their political stance. T.I. posted a video on his Instagram page stating clearly, F*ck Donald Trump and everything he stands for. Hillary Clinton recently made an appearance on New York’s Power 105 hip-hop station to do an interview with “The Breakfast Club” (Gag). Killer Mike, Spike Lee, and others have been holding down Bernie Sanders. Now you can add west coast rappers Nipsey Hussle and YG to the list of those rallying their political point of views as they’ve recently debuted their “F*ck Donald Trump” video. Weeks ago the two gang members (one Blood, one Crip) brought out so many people while filming that the LAPD had to end the shoot. They’ve finally blessed they world with the finished product, peep:

Article By: Daniel "Flash" Carter  //  Media Credit:,

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