Dope Clothes Inspired By Pop Culture

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If you’ve been keeping up with popular culture lately I’m sure you’ve heard terms like “Lemonade”, “Damn Daniel”, and “Respekt” (just to name a few). Of course no pop culture trend would be complete without branding and selling it. So we’ve taken the time to bring you some updated pop culture gear guaranteed to make you the coolest middle aged hipster in yoga class. P.S. If you own more than two of these your trying too hard! #LMFAO (See Images Below)
1. “Damn Daniel” T-Shirt:
If you haven’t heard the word “Damn Daniel” you’ve been living under a rock. Early this year two friends we’re posted in a video that went viral immediately. It’s basically on kid poking fun at his friend Daniel for exclusive collection of White Vans. 
2. “Respekt” T-Shirt:
We covered the story about Cash Money CEO “Birdman” throwing nothing short of an epic temper tantrum during his radio interview with “The Breakfast Club”. Birdman demanding the radio crew to “Put some respekt” on his name made the internet go crazy with memes and videos.
3. “Titus Andromedon” T-Shirt: 
“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” is only on season 2 but it has already picked up a devoted fan-base. One of the characters especially, “Titus Andromedon” . The waiter by day, diva by night character is nothing short of hilarious.
4. “Crying Jordans” Sneakers: 
In 2009 iconic basketball legend Michael Jordan got misty eyed during a Hall of Fame Speech. The internet showed no mercy with memes of Jordan’s face pasted in every emotional situation imaginable. 
5. “Miami Sushi” T-Shirt:
No explanation needed. If you enjoy sushi more than football this one is for you. 
6. “Polo Robbery” T-Shirt:
The clothing company “Breezy Excursion” took some time out to put a gangsta’ spin on the popular “Polo” clothing label logo. The tee shows one polo player robbing another “GTA” style.
7. “Caucasian’s / Indians” T-Shirt:
The Cleveland Indians logo has been a controversial topic for years now. Most argue that “Chief Wahoo” depicts stereo typical traits of Native Americans. Recently a new design has surfaced with the mascots face painted white with the word “Caucasians” behind it. 
8. “Neil Degrasse Tyson” Hoodie:
Neil Degrasse Tyson has ruffled a few peoples feathers by stating his opinion as an astrophysicist. He even got in to a rap beef with Atlanta Rapper B.O.B regarding if the word was flat or not. After schooling B.O.B, Neil’s street cred was certified!
9. “Lemonade” T Shirt:
We reported Queen Bey’s album “Lemonade” and the response it received. The “Hell has no fury” themed project has every woman hurt at the hand of infidelity shouting at the top of their lungs! Just hashtag #Lemonade on Twitter and watch what happens . 


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Article By: Daniel "Flash" Carter

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