The Game’s “D*ck Pic” Is Helping Charity


Not to long ago California rapper “The Game” posted some bathroom pics showing off his package. Not only did he have the internet talking for days, he also made the “Ethika” underwear brand  sales soar through the roof. They had a huge spike (no pun intended). reports:

“After Ethika sales soared from Game’s big revealing Instagram posts … the underwear line and rapper got to work on a new line of briefs, specifically for a deal with the rapper.

We got the first pics of the collection (junk-free, sorry) which will benefit Game’s charity, The Robin Hood Project. We’re told for every pair of the drawers sold, one will be donated to a homeless shelter.

The collab was pretty inevitable since sales spiked 500% after Game’s selfie went viral.”

I’m speechless on this one..

Article By: Daniel “Flash” Carter  //  Media Credit:, TMZ,

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