Petey Pablo Is In The Midst Of Filing 3rd Bankruptcy

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You might remember North Carolina rapper Petey Pablo from songs such as “Raise Up”, “Freak-A-Leek”,”Goodies”, and more. Unfortunately it seems if times haven’t been so good since then for him. reports:

“Moses Barrett III, aka Petey Pablo has been going through some trying times in the last few years, from filing for bankruptcy, in 2009 to being sentenced to prison in 2010 for attempting to carry a stolen firearm on to a commercial flight. The rapper was released from prison in 2014, and things seemed to be up because he made an appearance on the Fox television show Empire with Terrance Howard. However, Petey Pablo is going through it again, because he filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in his home state of North Carolina previously this month. According to his voluntary petition for individuals filing for bankruptcy, the rapper claims to only have assets amounting to $50,000, while his liabilities amount to around $50,000 as well.

On his statement, he did not get specific when filing which debts he currently had, along with assets. However, some of his current creditors looking to collect include Ford Motor Credit, Enterprise Car Rental, Planet Fitness, and more. The rapper known for his tracks “Raise Up” and “Freek-A-Leek” has filed for bankruptcy on two other previous occasions since 2009, making this the third time.”

We’re sorry to hear this type of news and we hope everything works out for him.

Article By: Daniel "Flash" Carter  //  Photo Credit:,


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