Wave Chapelle “W” Mixtape Review – 4/5 “Growth”

Wave Chapelle
             Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin Chapelle drops a new mixtape named “W”. The concept behind the project is that Wave won’t accept anything less than a win for the home team. Right off the back the tape kicks off with a peculiar tone setting intro that ushers in the greatness to come.
           For starters the production was well selected even though some of the beats lingered on past their time. My favorite joint off the tape was “Overtime” which had a dope distinguished beat and evenly matched lyricism. There’s a major unity theme that reveals a true since family and crew love. The inspirational and socially conscious song  “All Good” is more of what we’re use to hearing from the Midwest native. Chapelle’s metaphors were on point the whole project (which was no surprise). However, what was surprising was the MC’s laid back R&B type songs like “Time” accompanied by  the unexpected use of auto-tune. Honestly, I can’t say I was mad though. This side of Wave comes off as more mature and radio friendly.
           Some of the hooks came off as repetitive from time to time, but everything still came out solid. Over all the only issue I had with the tape is that the theme didn’t offer enough direction. Rappers with skills like Wave’s should have no problem delivering full story line themes to take listeners on a journey. The lack of a concrete motif made the project slightly feel like a bunch of tracks all over the place. When it’s all said and done this one gets a 4/5 because even though it wasn’t perfect it showed the type of growth that qualifies Wave for the major leagues! #StashIt
Review By: Daniel "Flash" Carter  //  Photo Credit: Livemixtapes.com, Jsonline.com

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