Waka Flocka Under Fire For Posting A Snapchat Video Showing His Niece In A Dog Cage

Waka Flocka Flame is currently defending himself from claims that he put his niece in a dog cage as a Snapchat joke. While the little girl was crying the Atlanta rapper joking states “I’ll Bond you out.” Spectators did not find his sense of humor tasteful. Waka claims his niece locked herself in the cage by accident and he’s only playing along in a lighthearted manner. After TMZ ran with the video post “Flockaveli” soon addressed negative opinions. The rapper clapped back saying:

“F***ing d***heads. Ya’ll really think we locking kids in f***ing closets and dog cages? No. Zombies. She locked herself in by accident. She wanted me to bond her out. She was crying. Yes I let her out. The f*** I look like locking kids in cages. Get the f*** off my page. Get out of the media. Get a f***ing life. Stop worrying about our life. No we not locking kids in the damn closet. Goodbye. Have a nice day.”  

It seemed like all fun and games to us. However, we just hope that little girl doesn’t devolve claustrophobia..

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