Marvel To Release A “Black Panther” Cover Inspired By Run The Jewels


Marvel has been paying major homage to Hip-hop culture lately. Months ago they released an onslaught of iconic Marvel characters mirroring historic rap covers. Now it seems as Marvel is still paying their dues, and once again it’s to El-P & Killer Mike aka “Run The Jewels”. reports:

After using Run The Jewels’ music to serve as the soundtrack for the Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet web series, Marvel has combined the Hip Hop group and the comic book franchise once again. The sold-out Black Panther #2 will be reissued with a RTJ inspired cover.

The Black Panther #2 second-printing is scheduled for release on June 15. The image was created by Rahzzah, the artist behind the UGK/Deadpool covers.

I dig Black Panther and I dig Run The Jewels, so I think this sh*t is dope..

Article By: Daniel "Flash" Carter  // Media Credit:

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