Dealership Employee Took Yo Gotti’s Lamborghini For A Joy Ride And Crashed It


CMG Label head Yo Gotti’s $409k Lamborghini Aventador was recently involved in an accident. The biggest issue is that the Memphis, TN rapper wasn’t driving it at the time and he didn’t give anyone else permission to. Gotti took his whip in for a routine maintenance and things went downhill from there. TMZ reports:

Yo Gotti is suing Motorcars of Georgia, a luxury car dealership, where he took his Lambo last October for maintenance work. It was still there in December when, according to docs … an MOG employee took it out for an early morning spin and crashed the whip into a tractor-trailer on the interstate.

Gotti says the accident happened 20 miles away from the dealership, and he points out he never gave the dealership permission to drive his car off the lot.

Gotti talks about the car like a loved one, saying it sustained “serious physical injury.”

He’s suing for $80k in damages — to the car — plus his personal pain and mental anguish. Not to mention the money lost from not being able to use the car in music videos.

This is one of those times in life you’re sure someone got fired for f*ckin’ up..smh

Article By: Daniel “Flash” Carter  //  Photo Credit:,


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