Ohio Elementary School’s Yearbook Looks Like Future’s “Dirty Sprite 2” Mixtape Cover

Future Year Book

We here at The Mixtape Stash were floored when one of our bloggers (Brendan McNeill) posted a picture of their son’s 2015-2016 yearbook. It was the spitting image of Future’s infamous “Dirty Sprite 2” mixtape cover .  I doubt the Worthington Adventist Academy did this on purpose considering it’s a christian school. However, you can’t help but hope this surprise was more than coincidental. Whatever the case may be the comments on the post were hilarious.

“The children are our future…. lol” 

“Did someone just have recess in some Gucci flip flops?”

“Lets F*ck up some comma’s.. Semi Colon’s, Apostrophe’s and more..”

Bruh,  this  must go viral ASAP!

Article By: Daniel "Flash" Carter  //  Media Credit: Spin.com, Brendan McNeil

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