Kevin Gates “Murder for Hire 2” Mixtape Review 5/5 “Bruh”


Kevin Gates is back with a sequel to his infamous “Murder for Hire” mixtape. This project comes as a gift to hold fans over until his next album drops. The “2 Phones” rapper is still basking in the success of peaking at #2 on the Billboard 200. Yet and still, Gates is out to prove he’s still hungry.

From the jump the attitude is “F*ck It” as he puts his own personal spin on the popular song “Cut It”. I think it was a decent opener and served as a reminder of whom you are dealing with. Moving on, track 2 “The Prayer” left me stunned.  The Louisiana rapper spoke Arabic on the hook and continued to body the beat. This unexpected showcase of religious culture made you respect the effort put forth. The fire did not stop there. Tracks like “Click House”, and “Showin’ Up” damn near broke my speakers.  I’m not a major fan of auto-tune use but it worked out in the end.

Normally I don’t f*ck with mixtapes you have to buy, but this one seems worth every dime. Kevin Gates has a unique way of dropping sophisticated ignorance on tracks. Take the song “Lil Nigga” for example when he states “Streets love me, but fuck em’/ they try’na take me down” is exactly why fans love him. This project was well themed, well written, and well produced.  #StashIt

Review By: Daniel "Flash" Carter  //  Photo Credit:,

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