Sean Kingston & Tory Lanez Get Into A Instagram Beef

Sean Kingston seems to have ruffled some feathers with Tory Lanez and his camp over the weekend. Kingston posted an IG picture of himself sitting on a BMW i8 and Tory tagged his associate @Kellz_cashin_out. Kingston felt shade was being thrown so he addressed both of them in his comments saying:

“@Kellz_cashin_out and @Torylanez yall know better not to talk money with me we can show accounts now stop it brother kellz u rent cars for a living hahahaha.”

Sean then posted a video stating that he signed Tory Lanez at 18 and assisted with the development of his career. He also sent some shots at Kellz as well. This sparked Kellz to make some post of his own alleging Sean is lying and is broke. Kellz says the BMW i8 is actually his and he let Kingston borrow it.

We’re not sure who’s lying and who’s telling the truth but this is definitely interesting..

Article By: Daniel “Flash” Carter  //  Media Credit:,, @Djakademikstv

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