7 Simple Style Tips For Basic Guys Over 30

Fellas as we’ve grown older (30+ club) we’ve been pulled in a few different fashion directions. We’ve hit the crossroads of being too old to dress young and being too young to dress old. Generally society grooms us to think we have to dress like models or pop stars. As we glance in the mirror realize we look more like repair men on their day off. My father never personally taught me anything about style. However, based his lack of fashion sense I wouldn’t have listened anyway. I wrote this article to help the average Joe find themselves in this fashionable day and age.

1. Fitted: Say NO to baggy! No need to go as extreme as skinny jeans and “smedium” shirts, but you are grown enough to embrace form fitting clothing. When shirts and pants fit well it’s normally a sign to the opposite sex that you actually spent time focusing on dressing well. Meaning you didn’t just buy whatever was on the sales rack. (Side note: If you’re sagging over 30, just let go bro..)


2. No Bright Colors: Bright colors are a young mans game. Look up Winter and Fall colors. They give off more of a chill grown vibe. Employ solid colors with the assistance of small accents if possible. Black, gray, and white are the classics. Coordinate your colors from there. Shoes too, just because your sneakers cost $200 doesn’t mean you can wear them with everything. For example: Navy blue and Grey go together great. (Pinterest.com, sign up it’s a big help)

Justin Timberlake

3. Glasses: Don’t be afraid to rock a nice pair of glasses. They offer a distinguished and educated look. You won’t seem dorky as long as your frames fit your face well.


4. Blazers Go Far: Have at least 2 casual blazers at your disposal. A tip is to buy them too big from a thrift store and then have them tailored to your size (It’s cheaper than buying them new). It looks good with a V neck or button up (no tie required).

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 06: Kanye West attends the 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on June 6, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/WireImage)

5. Kicks: If you’re a sneaker head, this may not apply to you. However, for the average guy that isn’t into footwear I suggest 4 pairs of shoes. One for everyday commutes. Two pairs of casual formal shoes black, and brown (make sure they’re comfortable). Lastly, one pair of classic kicks that never die like Adidas, Chuck Taylor’s, Vans, Nike Dunks, etc. (Aldos.com has some decent and affordable options.)


6. Accessorize: Small things like accessories can say a lot about you. A man should always have a few “go to” bracelets, and watches. They lead people to inquire further into your personality.


7. Self Maintenance: If your not the hair cut type at least line yourself up. Clip your nails, Keep fresh breath. Lastly, splash a little cologne on while you’re at it. Women like small details like that.



In conclusion, have confidence. If you’re to afraid to leave your comfort zone to try new styles you’ll look uncomfortable and that will overshadow your vibe. When all tips are applied and you’re feeling like the new you, remember to be somewhat charismatic, funny, and respectable. There’s no reason to dress like a gentlemen but act like an a**hole.

Article By: Daniel “Flash” Carter  //  Media Credit: Improvemant.com, Thefashionisto.com, Celebuzz.com, Denimblog.com, Sneakernews.com, Rebloggy.com, Faveable.com, gq-magazine.co.uk



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