Rocko Is Suing Future For Allegedly Breaching Their Contract From 2011


Atlanta rapper Rocko is going after Future over a possible breach of contract from 5 years ago. Rocko claims he put fellow rapper and friend Future in the successful position that he’s in now. This all stems back to Rocko’s record label A1 Recordings in 2011. The two had a deal worked out but it seems as if once Future got his foot in the door with Epic records he failed to uphold his end of the contract. TMZ reports:

“Rocko, owner of A1 Recordings, just sued Future … citing a 2011 contract he believes Future breached. He says the deal was for Future to make his first 6 albums with A1.

Rocko says Epic Records signed on to distribute the albums, but then things got tricky. In the suit, he says Future cut a side deal with Epic, which scored him huge multi-million dollar advances.

Rocko says he was left out in the cold because Future stiffed him to the tune of 25% — the commission he’s owed off those fat Epic advances. In addition, he says he’s owed 20% of Future’s earnings from touring, endorsements, etc …

Bottom line … Rocko says Future’s on the hook for more than $10 million. “

Man, this is pretty serious talk considering all the success future has had in recent years. One thing’s for damn sure, $10 million dollars buys a lot of

Article By: Daniel “Flash” Carter  //  Media Credit:,


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