Mixtape Review: Desiigner “New English” 2/5 “This Tape May Lower Your IQ”



With a Billboard hit song about having broads in Atlanta and mixing lean with Fanta, you would expect rapper Sidney “Desiigner” Selby to be from the south. However, you would be far off with that assumption. He’s a Brooklyn, New York native and his smash hit “Panda” has been dominating the charts, plus he’s only 19 years-old (3.25.97). After listening to his song 30 or more times you begin to wonder 1) What the f*ck is he saying, and 2) Does he have any other songs? So in order to hype other upcoming projects Desiigner and G.O.O.D music have decided to released the mixtape “New English”.

From play, the project begins with eerie: 37 sec intro ballad of classical music that draws listeners in. However, soon thereafter the following snippet track 2 “Caliber” was so mumbled and repetitive it pushes listeners back out. I was pleased to hear “Make It Out” in which Desiigner stepped out of his auto-tuned comfort zone. The short length of most of these tracks proved this tape merely promotional and unauthentic. Do not get me wrong, some of the joints knocked due to dope ass production. This tape had 99 problems but beats ain’t one.

The more the project went on the more I felt like I was listening to a Future cover band. In addition, there were strange pointless interludes scattered among the order-less tracks. The only songs I found worth listening to twice were “Da Day” & “Jet” due to the features (Pusha T did his thing). Of the 14 tracks, 1 was an intro, 2 were interludes, 4 were snippets, and to top it all off the final song was f*cking “Panda”! There were 6 solo tracks and the only one that wasn’t a mix of mumbling and auto-tune was “Zombie Walk”. Desiigners high-energy style, adlibs, and dope beats didn’t save him this time. There’s only so long you can listen to a person rhythmically ramble on incoherently! #TrashIt

Review By: Daniel “Flash” Carter  // Media Credit: Bandmine.com, Livemixtapes.com

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