Joe Budden Goes At Drake Again And He May Have Tried To Get Pusha T Involved This Time..

Joe “Mood Muzik” Budden tried to put the nail in the coffin on his latest diss track “Wake” dedicated to Drake. Drizzy has to respond to save face! Joey called Drake out on all of his musical exploits in order to deliver hip-hop fans the battle bars they’ve been missing. Of all the artists belatedly mentioned (Migos, Zombie, and The Weekend just to name a few) one was more subliminal than others.  At the 1:28 mark Budden says:

“Load half the clips, I just notice you’d run we mention half the clipse..”

I personally think he may have been referencing the fact that Pusha T and Drake don’t get along. In fact an OVO member previously called King Push out for rapping:

“Old niggas smacking young niggas/ Picture that where you from nigga?”

Some thought Push was referencing Puffy Daddy allegedly smacking Drake at club “Liv”. What ever the case may be if Push gets involved  fans will definitely get more than what they bargained for.

Article By: Daniel “Flash” Carter  //  Media Credit:,

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